Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr. Gehad El Bastawisy
Primary Specialty Consultant in Pain Management
Position at Regenecare Founder and Medical Director
Experience 30+ Years
Ireland Clinics Dublin Clinic | Cavan Clinic | Cork Clinic
Education & Training
Medical Education MB BCh, Alexandria University
Qualifications FRCA London
Fellowship of American Aesthetic Association
Diploma in Management for Doctors, RCSI
Practice Areas Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine
Registration Specialist Division of Irish Medical Council
Specialist Division of General Medical Council

Biography for Dr. Gehad

The founder of the Regenecare clinic is Dr. Gehad El Bastawisy who is a Specialist Consultant in Anaesthesia, Intensive care, and Pain management in Ireland for over 30 years.

Dr. Gehad El Bastawisy is registered in the Specialist Division of the Irish Medical Council Registry and the General Medical Council in the UK.

This practice integrates Dr.Gehad’s expertise in pain management with the revolutionary line of Regenerative medicine; what some call Stem Cell Treatments. He was the First doctor in Ireland to introduce pain management using Regenerative Protocols and was the founder of Medica Stem Cells Clinics before he started Regenecare Clinics.

Currently Dr. Gehad El Bastawisy consults his patients only at Regenecare clinics where he is the lead consultant and medical director.

Pain Management Clinic locations in Ireland:

Dublin Clinic | Cavan Clinic | Cork Clinic


Patient Reviews with Dr. Gehad El Bastawisy

I traveled from Cavan to see Dr Gehad in Cork. I had been diagnosed with peripheral vascular disease and complaining of pain in my calves after only 5 minutes of walking. I play golf and I was spending a lot of time concealing my disability from my playmates, in other words I was stopping to admire the views and various other ways of disguising my problem. I was treated by Dr Gehad 2017 and to this date in 2020 I am feeling much better and I can walk longer without pain. I then also got my hips treated they have improved considerably especially the left one. The clinic atmosphere was great, I would really look forward to going to see Dr Gehad i must say he has a good team assembled and they are most helpful and cheerful.

George Cavan

I first attended Dr.Gehad Elbastawisy for treatment to both my knees in October 2019. I had been experiencing quite severe constant pain in both knees; had difficulty in kneeling and rising again, easily tired when walking long distances. I had been receiving physiotherapy to relieve this pain and it was the physiotherapist that suggested that I should meet and chat with Dr Gehad who could defer joint replacement by stem cell therapy, a practice I had never heard of before. Meeting Dr Gehad was a pleasure, his friendly and kind manner was able to put me completely at ease. He explained exactly what he would do in the process and talked me through the procedure as it was happening. I was Fascinated at this method of removing fatty tissue from my hip and then injected into my knees. I did not experience any discomfort and was able to walk immediately, painlessly from his surgery. I now garden daily, so the restored fluidity of my knees is just wonderful. Also walking my dogs again is a pleasure. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Gehad.

Mary Co. Cork

I’m Oscar and I am from Kilkenny in Ireland. I attended Dr Gehad’s clinic in November 2019. I had treatment for my knees, thumbs and hips. Prior to seeing Dr Gehad, I was on strong pain medication including morphine. I was due to have a knee replacement, however my orthopaedic consultant in Kilkenny referred me to Dr Gehad as an alternative treatment as I was against the surgery. Post treatment I noticed an improvement quite quickly however, it took 9 months to really feel the benefit in my knees. Now two years later I’m feeling much better. I honestly think going to Dr Gehad was the best decision I ever made

Oscar Kilkeny