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Dr. Rasha El Ezzawy



Administrative Staff

Dr. Gehad El Bastawisy

Consultant in Pain Managment

Patient Testimonial

I’m Oscar and I am from Kilkenny in Ireland. I attended Dr Gehad’s clinic in November 2019. I had treatment for my knees, thumbs and hips. Prior to seeing Dr Gehad, I was on strong pain medication including morphine. I was due to have a knee replacement, however my orthopaedic consultant in Kilkenny referred me to Dr Gehad as an alternative treatment as I was against the surgery. Post treatment I noticed an improvement quite quickly however, it took 9 months to really feel the benefit in my knees. Now two years later I’m feeling much better. I honestly think going to Dr Gehad was the best decision I ever made.

Oscar Kilkenny, Ireland