Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on whether it is soft tissue or joint injury/condition outcomes differ. With soft tissue injuries, there is a near 100% outcome with Regenerative treatments. When it comes to joints we have a near 90% success rate for knee pain and shoulder pain treatments. However every case is uniquely different and is assessed individually and in certain cases, more than one treatment is needed to achieve a better outcome.

The ethos of our regenerative treatments is to initiate self-healing and therefore it is not a quick fix. It will take at least a month to start noticing a difference from less pain to a better range of movement to no pain while sleeping to resuming activities or movements that were not possible before. In some cases, it may take 2-3 months to see significant improvements.

After regenerative treatment, the first week, you may be in pain at the injection site and the aftercare instructions you will be given will detail how to deal with that. The consultant may prescribe pain killers if he feels the need to.

If your job is anything but a desk job you may need one week off work. After-care instructions will be explained on consultation and procedure day. Regenerative treatments stand out from surgery by it’s little or no downtime.

In our clinic, Regenerative treatments are used as part of our Pain management protocols. Pain management treatments may be fully or partly covered by private medical insurance and you may also claim back part of the consultation fees, ask the receptionist for more details.

All Regenerative treatments are day case procedures, and depending on the treatment protocol decided by your consultant it should take you between 1 to 2 and a half hours from the time you walk in.

Only local anaesthesia is used and you will be fully conscious of the full treatment.

All treatments at Regenecare pain management clinic are done under local anesthetics ONLY, no fasting is needed and you will be fully conscious. You must be well hydrated on the day.

Preferably you need to come with someone to help and although you will be physically able to drive it is always preferable for safety reasons to be driven back home after the procedure.

NO, embryonic cells or foetal cells are NOT used, only cells from your own body are used in our treatments.

That means your own Stem Cells are used. You are the donor and the recipient. Stem Cells are collected from your Bone marrow and or your fat cells via mini liposuction.

Not necessarily, you can book an appointment directly by calling us at Regenecare Pain Management Clinic but you will need to bring in any scans and investigations done. We will take it from there.

Call us on+ 353 21 242 9001 (Cork Clinic) | + 353 1 685 3000 (Dublin Clinic)

to find out if we can help you and book an appointment to review your case.

Alternatively send us an email with your details on info@regenecare.ie and we will call you back.