At Regenecare the most important thing is the well-being of our patients. We do everything in our power to help them have a pain-free life and regain their functionality. These are testimonials from some of our patients, they will be able to share their experience with you and give you the certainty that our treatments are giving great results.

Prior to my treatment I was complaining of terrible pain getting into and out of chairs, the car, walking and climbing stairs. My condition had caused me to limp and withdraw from all forms of physical activity which was extremely debilitating to the extent that I was taking pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications regularly to simply exist. After my treatment with Dr.Gehad I am significantly improved and rarely take medication. I am fitter, healthier, and extremely grateful that I have got back a lot of what I had lost since I received the stem cell treatment. I cannot begin to explain how better I feel now that I can have a full night’s sleep without waking up in pain constantly. If I had known I would feel this good I would have gone much earlier and saved myself an amount of suffering! My final comment is for Dr. Gehad. His expertise, dedication and knowledge were primarily why I was convinced to proceed with this after the initial consultation. He was totally transparent in relation to the overall experience which gave me the inspiration to proceed. I wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Dr. Gehad and the Team to anyone who is considering an alternative to joint replacement which should really be a last resort.

Declan Cork

I saw Dr.Gehad for a treatment on my right knee in April 2019. Before the treatment I was hobbling and in a lot of pain, so I had to give up some of my favorite pastimes such as walking and karate. Today I am much better. I know I would not be able to go back to playing squash again as a young man, but I’m walking and doing things I like to do. The pain relief has been fantastic. It has worked perfectly for what it is advertised to do and that is to take away pain. Dr Gehad is genuinely nice.​

Mark Dorset, UK

I attended Dr.Gehad Elbastawisy for treatment on my right knee on the 5th of March 2020. My right knee was troubling me. I suffered from pain all the time and my range of motion was limited. I refused to take pain medication although I probably needed to sometimes. Because my knee was so bad, I was considering having a knee replacement operation. Now, after the treatment I have very little pain and my range of movement has improved a lot. Dr. Gehad is very impressive, professional, and courteous, he explains what the treatment involves in plain English. I am recommending his treatments to many of my friends.​

Tony Monaghal

I first attended Dr.Gehad Elbastawisy for treatment to both my knees in October 2019. I had been experiencing quite severe constant pain in both knees; had difficulty in kneeling and rising again, easily tired when walking long distances. I had been receiving physiotherapy to relieve this pain and it was the physiotherapist that suggested that I should meet and chat with Dr Gehad who could defer joint replacement by stem cell therapy, a practice I had never heard of before. Meeting Dr Gehad was a pleasure, his friendly and kind manner was able to put me completely at ease. He explained exactly what he would do in the process and talked me through the procedure as it was happening. I was Fascinated at this method of removing fatty tissue from my hip and then injected into my knees. I did not experience any discomfort and was able to walk immediately, painlessly from his surgery. I now garden daily, so the restored fluidity of my knees is just wonderful. Also walking my dogs again is a pleasure. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Gehad.

Mary Cork

My name is Gary I traveled all the way from County Down coast to see Dr Gehad in June 2018 for treatment on my knees. I was 54 years of age when I told by a leading knee surgeon in Belfast I needed 2 full knee replacements, but that I wouldn’t get one until I went back to him ‘crying in pain!’ (his words) and he assured me that I would be. I was not very satisfied and started to do some of my own research into alternative treatments. I had seen that regenerative treatments were available in the US, and then I found Dr Gehad who is our only practitioner to offer the service in Ireland. When I first visited Dr Gehad getting around in daily life was becoming increasingly difficult and walking slightly painful. Now I am 65y and almost two years after treatment and I have improved considerably, and I am back doing long walks regularly, maybe 10 miles or more each day! (My dog is delighted).I had the treatment done twice on both knees as my left knee wasn’t improving as much as my right knee and he made no charge for the second procedure, that proved to me that he cared and was not just in it for the money. He wanted me discharged from his clinic feeling happy with the results. I have recommended his treatments to many friends.

Gary Down Coast

I attended Dr Gehad’s clinic for treatment on my knees in October 2018. My knees were very painful and creaky and my right knee was worse than my left. I found moving around was difficult and so I couldn’t do gardening any more. Also, I was regularly taking pain medication. Although, Dr Gehad didn’t guarantee 100% success, I am very pleased with the result. I have no pain in my left knee now, just a little odd creak in the right. and am back in my garden again! The staff in the clinic were very pleasant and Dr Gehad was very ethical and honest. I would recommend his treatments to my friends.

Sydney Co Down

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